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How to manage and operate Workspaces more secure & effective in 2021?

NESBOO Workspace Management IOT App ensures

Social distancing and best practice Hybrid Office operations

The flexible hybrid work model is attractive to both the company and its workers, as the corporations will save a fortune in real estate costs and employees gain more control over their lives and health during Covid times and beyond.

With the NESBOO Workspaces App. office space can be redesigned to ensure social distancing, while also enabling people to collaborate better together.

How to set up your digital Office Workspace Management System?

All physical office desks will be registered in the NESBOO Mobile Application to easy and self explanatory select, reserve and utilize workspaces.

Employees can easily reserve and utilize workspaces, based on the overview of current office capacity. Hybrid working processes can be linked to the App.

How to manage Office Workspace Capacities?

The Facility Manager will set up capacity restrictions, like 30%, 50% etc. usage capacities. Employees select, reserve and utilize workspaces as per those conditions on their mobile App. The Capacity restrictions can be changed in real time when required.

Effective Hybrid Office Space Management

In just a few clicks , employees can book the workspaces required from home. Social distancing and effective collaboration with team members is visible before the employee enters the office.

Building Management and Hybrid Office Advantages .

The NESBOO Application allows the HR and Facility Management to set condition fro effective building and office utilization. E.g. Team members are only allowed to enter the building with a confirmed workspace reservation. The HR department can enhance Workspace strategies with the NESBOO reporting engine.